How to Connect with Business Groups in Lee County

Learn how to connect with members of business groups in Lee County including American Red Cross, Small Business Administration (SBA), Department of Health, Division of Private Sector Partnerships & more.

How to Connect with Business Groups in Lee County

If you have any queries, worries, or objections regarding the specifications, it is best to contact the person listed in the offer, under Procurement, or make inquiries during the meetings and events. Additionally, there are other ways to get in touch with members of a particular business group in Lee County. The American Red Cross provides financial aid to individuals and families affected by disasters such as Hurricane Ian. Those who are uninsured or underinsured can apply for individual assistance to cover necessary expenses and urgent needs.

It is important to note that FEMA disaster assistance checks cannot be sent through mail, so survivors should request direct deposits from their financial institution. The Small Business Administration (SBA) Processing and Disbursement Center is accepting applications for the Hurricane Ian Debris Clearance Program. Home and business owners can apply for debris removal assistance by visiting the SBA website. The most important step residents should take right away is to file a change of address (COA) with the Postal Service to ensure that they can receive an accurate and uninterrupted mail delivery service.

Residents who are not planning to return to their current address must submit a permanent request for a COA. It is essential to keep the address of their damaged home in FEMA requests for assistance, as changing the address may make the applicant ineligible. FEMA encourages survivors to update contact information as soon as possible, as they may need to contact them for virtual home inspections or additional information. After the impacts of Hurricane Ian, warnings were issued to boil water in areas of more than 3 counties.

The Department of Health continues to monitor and maintain a complete list of notices across the state for residents to access online. In coordination with private sector partners, the Division has opened free public Wi-Fi access locations in all areas affected by Hurricane Ian. The state is partnering with religious institutions and nonprofit organizations in affected Florida counties to collect toy donations, which will be delivered to Disaster Recovery Centers for distribution. Toy donations can be mailed or delivered in person at designated locations. For information from your county emergency management program about preparing shelters and the lists of potential shelters that could be opened, visit the Shelter Information Index and choose your county. View open shelters on a map for more detailed information on shelters for people with special needs. All Florida counties and coastal counties are susceptible to storm surges and most have designated evacuation zones.

Use the mapping tool above to search by address and determine if you are in a designated evacuation zone. Read more about evacuation zones: Learn more about designated evacuation zones, which counties have them and which don't, how flood zones are considered in evacuations and evacuation orders. The Lee County Tourism Development Tax has established provisions for seasonal renters to simplify the payment of the tax. All information contained in tourism development tax returns, reports, accounts, or returns received by the Lee County Clerk is confidential, except for official purposes, and is exempt from F. Turner Lee has argued that it is often the lack of diversity among the programmers who design the training sample that can lead to the underrepresentation of a particular group or of specific physical attributes. The state exempt from 26% use tax from the Florida State Department of Revenue is also exempt from Lee County tax.

Any record located outside of Lee County must be available for inspection in Lee County prior to auditing. The Lee County Board of Commissioners promotes free and open competition through its bidding specifications. All tourism development tax records must be kept for three years and available for auditing at the place of business, within Lee County. Small businesses in the hardest-hit counties, Charlotte, Collier, Lee and Sarasota, will increase and prioritize as they receive them. Yes, this is a bed tax and applies to all transitory visitors, whether or not they are residents of Florida or Lee County. By virtue of the authority granted under the provisions of Lee County Ordinance 13-14, the Clerk of Court has enacted rules and prescribed forms necessary to make this Ordinance effective.

These Terms of Use allow you to use Services only for personal non-commercial use and internal business use subject to license rights specified in these Terms of Use. The Inspector General's Tourist Tax Office has authority and responsibility to carry out administration, collection, auditing, compliance, and enforcement in support.

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