Unlock the Potential of Business Groups in Lee County

Are you a business owner in Lee County? Discover what types of resources are available to members of business groups in the area - from Small Business Administration to Harry Chapin Food Bank.

Unlock the Potential of Business Groups in Lee County

Are you a business owner in Lee County, Florida? If so, you may be wondering what types of resources are available to members of business groups in the area. The answer is that there are many organizations and initiatives that can help you unlock the potential of your business. From the Small Business Administration to the Harry Chapin Food Bank, there are plenty of resources to help you succeed. The Small Business Administration (SBA) has provided millions of loans, loan guarantees, contracts, counseling sessions, and other forms of assistance to small businesses.

The SBA also offers free online courses and webinars to help entrepreneurs learn more about starting and running a business. Additionally, the SBA has a network of local offices throughout the country that can provide personalized advice and assistance. The Cape Coral Chamber actively supports the growth of more than 800 member businesses in Southwest Florida. The Chamber provides its members with valuable information and knowledge and offers opportunities for networking. It also acts as a voice for small businesses in the area. The Guatemalan Chamber of Commerce between the United States and Florida was founded to promote economic activity, provide opportunities for Guatemalan companies of all sizes, and serve as a link for Guatemalan businessmen from both countries. The East Lee County Chamber of Commerce has a mission to promote and promote the civic, economic, and social well-being of East Lee County communities.

The Chamber provides its members with access to capital, business intelligence, public procurement, contraction, growth acceleration, international trade, and other resources.

AMI Kids Southwest Florida

, located in Fort Myers Beach, Florida, is dedicated to helping children discover their potential, transform their lives, and strengthen our community. The organization empowers children through care and guidance to achieve their potential.

Community Cooperative

is committed to eliminating hunger and homelessness in Lee County. The organization delivers innovative food, education and social services programs to inspire and support sustained positive change in its customers.


, or Lee Economic Advancement Resources Network, is an organization that promotes the establishment, retention, and expansion of businesses in Southwest Florida. LEARN works collaboratively with other organizations in the area to help businesses succeed.

The Greater Fort Myers Chamber of Commerce

represents more than 800 businesses, professionals, and individuals throughout Lee County.

The Chamber provides its members with tools that can help their own business thrive.

The Southwest Florida Harmony Chamber

exists to promote networking within today's business and professional community. The organization also promotes business opportunities for chamber members and provides resources to its members.


, or Keeping Recovery Zone, is Lee County's only community recovery organization (RCO). KRZ's goal is to provide resources and support to those who are recovering in the long term.

The Harry Chapin Food Bank

is the largest anti-hunger network in Southwest Florida.

The organization provides services in Charlotte, Collier, Glades, Hendry and Lee counties.

The Fort Myers Beach Chamber

strives to maintain a dynamic business climate. The Chamber also promotes commerce, defends the interests of local businesses, and protects the essence of the Fort Myers Beach community. As a business owner in Lee County, you have access to a wealth of resources that can help you unlock your business's potential.

From the Small Business Administration to local chambers of commerce like Cape Coral Chamber or East Lee County Chamber of Commerce; from AMI Kids Southwest Florida or Community Cooperative to LEARN or Greater Fort Myers Chamber of Commerce; from Southwest Florida Harmony Chamber or KRZ to Harry Chapin Food Bank or Fort Myers Beach Chamber - there are plenty of organizations that can provide you with the tools you need to succeed. Whether you need access to capital or just want to network with other entrepreneurs in the area - these organizations can provide you with invaluable assistance. With their help you can take your business to new heights!.

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